Acoustic & Electric Guitar Repair

Vintage guitars often require a variety of services when completing a full restoration.

Among the services often required are:

Neck Resets

As guitars age, the wood swells and contracts with changes in climate and string tension takes its toll. Most guitars that live to a vintage age will require a neck reset at some point.

Bridge Repair and Custom Bridge Replacements

The bridge, being the focal point of all that string tension, can often fail, requiring repair or replacement.

Fret Work

Everything from fret leveling and re-crowning to replacing a few frets or complete fret replacement. Fretboard repair or refurbishment is often accomplished while replacing frets.

Body and Bracing Repair

A variety of issues fall into this category. Top, back and side cracks, loose braces, binding repair or replacement.


Jacobs Custom Guitars offers a full range of finish work, from repair touch-up or original finish restoration to completely new finishing.

Final Setup

Jacobs Custom Guitars has built a reputation on the quality of our setups. We optimize the playability of your instrument, taking into account your playing style and preferences and bringing out the best in both vintage and modern instruments. Why should your guitar fight you?

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