Guitars for Sale

We have guitars in the shop available for purchase.

Some of these are guitars that have been refurbished by us, some are our own custom-made guitars, some are vintage and some are new.  Guitars are available for local pick up, or shipped within the US for additional cost.

you’re interested in purchasing one of our guitars, or would just like more info, please contact us by email, come by the shop, or call us at (321) 301-4619.


New (2014) Guild Doyle Dykes Signature 12-string guitar. 

This 12 string Doyle Dykes signature model guitar has a solid red spruce top with solid AAA highly figured maple back and sides. This combination creates a level of projection and clarity that is hard to come by in the acoustic world. When you play melodies, harmonies and bass lines simultaneously, you need a comfortable neck that’ll let you do anything. The nitrocellulose lacquer finished neck on this guitar is made of three pieces of mahogany with a rosewood center, and it’s every bit as comfortable as you’d expect. The ebony fretboard has 20 frets and a 12″ radius. The Gotoh 510 tuners ensure tuning stability and precision no matter what. Electronically, this guitar is way ahead of the curve. The preamp is a Custom LR Baggs design, but the pickup itself is a Doyle Dykes Signature Series Soloist from Barbera. In case you haven’t heard of Barbera, they make the acoustic pickups to end all acoustic pickups. They operate differently than your standard piezo. The long and short of it is there is absolutely zero of that flimsy high end or tininess that can plague even good acoustic pickups. The amplified sound is unbelievably transparent.

Unlike standard 12 strings, the E and A strings have the bass string on the bottom. This increases the low end response while making it easier to mute the low strings during thumbpicking.  SOLD

Click for more info here from Guild

2016 Jacobs Custom Guitars T-Type.  This guitar is made from nothing but the best stuff.  Lightweight swamp ash body at 7.2 lbs. with a beautiful nitro finish with a high gloss.  The neck has a soft “V” profile.  Bakelite pickguard.  Duncan Antiquity pickups.  CTS & Switchcraft inside.  The guitar sounds very nice and, of course, the setup is incredible.  Includes a new tweed case.  SOLD.


1964 Fender King.  These are pretty rare.  All solid wood, bolt-on neck, with several quirky 60s features.  There’s an aluminum tube running down through body – factory original equipment!  That’s why these guitars are called “The Broomstick”. How about the wacky “hybrid”  bridge?  And check the twin bakelite (really!) pickguards.  But there’s a really comfortable pre-CBS Fender neck, with rosewood fingerboard.  We’ve done little to this guitar… it’s in very good condition for 51 years of age.  SOLD

There is some belt-buckle wear on the back, and a few scratches here and there.  And there’s some divots on the fingerboard in the “cowboy chord” zone.

Additional features… a truly vintage DeArmond 5-pole pickup, with volume control.  We removed the pickup, cleaned it and made some repairs to the output wiring.  It’s rock-solid and ready to go.  And it sounds amazing.  10k !!

There’s also a sweet old vintage strap to go along, too.

We don’t have the case.

1969 Guild M-75 Bluesbird.  The Guild Bluesbird has long been well known as a strong alternative to the Les Paul and other similar guitars.  But the guitar evolved over decades, from the M-75 Aristocrat in the 50s, through several iterations to the current Bluesbirds in Guild’s Newark Street lineup.  In 1967, Guild replaced the Aristocrat’s Franz P-90 style pickups with mini-humbuckers and named the guitar M-75 Bluesbird.  The guitar retained the hollow body (and light weight) of the Aristocrat.  This continued for about 3 years, until a solid-body (and heavy!) version was introduced, along with the then-new HB-1 pickups.  So, this is a rare, fine example of a first-generation Bluesbird.  It weighs in under 6 lbs and has a beautiful, somewhat chimey but humbucker-quiet sound.

This guitar is luthier-owned and has been lovingly set up, re-fretted, and a few minor touchups made.  But it retains the character marks of a nearly 50 year-old guitar.  The headstock overlay has shrunk a bit – a mark of 60’s Guilds, but is firmly attached.  Look at the pictures…  SOLD

1971 Guild S-100 Polara.  This guitar is absolutely pristine.  Really!!  All original.  The HB-1 pickups in a solid mahogany body is a match made in guitar heaven.  Includes the original case, too.  And a bit of case candy. SOLD

2014 Guild D-150.  From Guild’s import “GAD” series, this is an all-solid wood dread, with the original hard shell case.  This is a really nice instrument for the money.  SOLD

NEW Guild M-120E.  With its comfortable body and distinctive voice, the M-120E provides excellent balance and a delicate tone. Featuring solid African mahogany top, back and sides, the M-120E’s 24 ¾” scale length, vintage shaped Guild neck, and 1¾” nut width make this concert size guitar easy to play. The Fishman Sonitone pickup allows for expert amplification of this small-bodied guitar’s incredibly rich sound. Additional features include an Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle, and period-correct tortoiseshell pickguard. A mother-of-pearl rosette and Guild’s iconic Chesterfield headstock emblem reminiscent of 1960s models complete the package. The M-120E includes Guild’s new lightweight polyfoam case.  $800

NEW Guild S-100 Polara Reissue.  Guild style from the ’70s is back and better than ever with the return of the solid-body S-100 guitar. With its solid and slightly offset mahogany body, the new S-100 Polara™ evokes its esteemed and hard-rocking predecessor of more than 40 years ago. Responsive and versatile, it also features a distinctive 24 3/4″ scale, rock-solid mahogany neck, brilliant Black finish, and a potent pair of Guild HB-1 pickups.  The welcome return of a true Guild classic.

Late 90s Guild X-150D in like-new condition, with original hard shell case.  Beautiful flamey maple, with pair of Guild humbuckers.  This is an awesome guitar, and it sounds great.   SOLD

1975 Guild F-50 has tons of mojo and maple goodness!  In good shape, with small scratches, dings and dents.  But this guitar sounds terrific and plays very easy.  This is a shop favorite.  Comes with under-saddle transducer pickup and hard case.  SOLD

1936 Orpheum No. 3 in really nice shape.  We’ve given the guitar a light refurbishing and installed a P-90 style pickup.  This is a really cool little guitar with a great 30’s vibe.  Includes what may be the original case (or at least period correct).  SOLD.

1930’s Regal Arch-top.  Another great arch-top find, made in the old Regal factory in Chicago.  We cleaned her up, set her up, and added a P-90 style pickup. Also replaced the old worn-out tuners. But the mojo remains!  SOLD

Jacobs Custom Guitars ’52 T-Type.  Built by Tom Jacobs, this is a close copy of a ’52.  Authentic rounded neck profile, bakelite pick guard, butterscotch finish in nitro.  Lollar pickups.  This is a very cool guitar that sounds fantastic and plays like buttah. Includes case.

This one has sold, but we can make another one just for you.

1977 Guild CE-100D.  Guitar is in great shape.  Beautiful, fully hollow-bodied guitar with original HB-1 pickups. There is a small ding on the right side, and a few small scratches on the back just below the heel.  These are pictured.  Also a few various minor flaws.  But hey, it’s 38 years old!

Includes the original hard-shell case. SOLD

1966 Guild F-30 “Aragon”  Great survivor from the folk era of the mid 60s.  The guitar has had a mild restoration but retain it’s original mojo.  There are a few minor scratches and the typical pick guard crack on the top.  The guitar has had a full setup and plays nicely.  Great finger-picking guitar.  Includes original hard-shell case.  SOLD